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24 hour Blocked Drain Plumber Melbourne is your one stop company, we can cater for any plumbing issues. We use a CCTV camera, which inspects and locates the problem as we observe on the other end. We, then, use a jet blaster to clear through tree roots and other solid objects that are in the way.

With extensive experience as Emergency plumbers, the team at 24Hour, have the expertise you can rely on. We can deal with any situations and have helped many people in the Melbourne area. A blocked drain is a very annoying issue and if you have tried anything without success, it is time to call us. We will identify the cause of the problem, unclog the drain and perform any required maintenance ensuring the problem won’t happen again.

Experts when it comes to Blocked Drain of any Sort

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If you are experiencing difficulties with your drains, whether it’s a sewer drain, storm water, toilets, sinks or tubs drains, 24Hour blocked drain plumber Melbourne can help you and unclog them all for you.

We can offer 24/7 guaranteed blocked drain specialist Melbourne services. We are fast and efficient, locating and diagnosing the issues. We only use high tech equipment which brings results every time. Our prices are fair and very competitive.

Everybody knows how easily drains can get clogged and we are all accustomed with the inconvenience it can cause when the problem persists and gets worse. 

However, the earlier you contact us, the easier it is to fix. If the problem isn’t too severe, it can be fairly straightforward to fix. However, if your kitchen sink is blocked and common products (such as vinegar, hot water,..) aren’t helping, you need help from qualified contractors!

Toilets Blocked Drain Specialist Melbourne

Clogged toilets are generally the first sign of a wider problem in your sewer system. If that’s the case, we will ensure to solve the issue and remove the cause of the obstruction once for all.

The main problems we have faced over the year are due to foreign objects flushed down. At 24HourMelbournePlumber, our experts will diagnose and repair the problem for you.


You should always contact emergency services at the first sign of trouble before the situation becomes out of control, causing unnecessary stress. We are the best fit to take over and gain control over a clogged sewer system.


If left unattended, a small issue such as blocked toilets could become very substantial and cause more damage than you can imagine. For this reason, we are available 24/7. Contact the best blocked drain plumber Melbourne service!

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Main Drain Blockage

When the plumbing system hasn’t been maintained systemically, it is quite common to face blockages in the main two evacuation arteries. The storm water drain and sewer drain, responsible of carrying water and waste away from your property, can become blocked.

The used water would then be retained in the system and be responsible for a back up in all your evacuations. Many settings could be the cause of it, from a broken or damaged pipe needing a replacement, to a somehow shower plugged pipe.

For any issue, our blocked drain specialist Melbourne service is here for you. We are quick, experienced and efficient and able to help facing any size issue. Trust us to get your water evacuation system back in no time!

Drain Cleaning, Blocked Drain Specialist Melbourne

There are so many benefits to have your drains professionally cleaned. We are using a water jet blast which will get rid of any undesired materials inside your pipes. In contradiction to other methods, working with a water blast is relatively safe with old or slightly damaged pipes.

We also can equip our water blast with a drain camera to operate more efficiently while assessing the general conditions of your pipes.

Such operation is the best preventive operation that you could conduct clearing any litter from your plumbing system.

You should always contact a qualified reliable block drain plumber Melbourne when facing issues or looking for recommendations on what to do!

Blocked Drain Plumber Melbourne emergency plumber melbourne

Why Should you choose 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers?

We find and fix problems General Plumbers can’t.

Our in-drain camera shows you what the problem is.

Blocked Drains and Sewers are cleared fast with High Pressure water-jet.

Tree Roots, silts, debris, fat residue and others blockages are instantly removed.

The blocked drain plumber Melbourne services we offer are the most efficient around.

We have extensive experience in unblocking any type of drains, providing after hours emergency hours. Many reasons can be responsible for blocked drains such as stuck food in your kitchen sink, hair in your bathroom, or root intrusion in your storm water drains. No matter what the cause it, we have the knowledge and equipment to clear any type of drains.

How much to fix a blocked drain?

You shouldn’t risk your drain repairs trying to do it yourself, ending up paying extra in the end. Blocked drains & repairs are a serious issue you shoudn’t address by yourself.


The job needs to be done right the first time to ensure no further damages is done.


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Benefits and features of the drain repair system?

  • Keep the repair costs down
  • No demolition required to access hidden pipes
  • Trench-less repairs : no fuss & no mess
  • Relining Services available
  • Clearing clogged storm-water system without any excavation
  • Keep your budget under control
  • Call us for any advice, we can help anytime for any plumbing crisis

Current : Blocked Drain Specialist Melbourne

We can service and come as your blocked drain plumber Melbourne in the following areas:

  • Melbourne CBD
  • Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
  • Melbourne Northern Suburbs
  • Melbourne Western Suburbs
  • Melbourne Bayside Area
  • Almost all Victoria!

Contact us for any emergency plumbing services 24/7

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Lisa Rossjohn


Dean was great, firstly he was very prompt at responding and arrived same day on time and fixed the problem ! he explained the problem and showed me what he had to do and Cleaned up after job. Highly recommend


★★★★★ (5/5)

Dean was extremely professional,very well priced,his workmanship was of excellent standard and would definitely rehire him again..He was such a gentleman to deal with and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone out there,that needs a quality and competitive plumber…

★★★★★ (5/5)
Maggie Smith



Dean was efficient and went out of his way to make sure I had everything exactly how I wanted it. Highly recommend.



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