Leaking Shower Repairs Melbourne

Do you require Leaking Shower Repairs Melbourne?

Are you sick and tired of stepping from your warm shower into a puddle of cold water? If so then it sounds like you have a leaky shower base which could mean thousands of dollars’ damage to the flooring in your home. The team at 24 hour Melbourne Plumbers are the Leaking Shower Repairs Melbourne experts that the city relies upon.

How much could a leaking shower cost you?

If the base of your shower is cracked, then it will result in a pool of water residue outside of the shower. This build-up of moisture welcomes mould and threatens the structural integrity of the beams located through your bathroom flooring and walls. Perhaps the waterproofing membrane has been damaged and you have noticed a build-up of mould in areas of your bathroom.

What are the warning signs?

leaking shower repairs Melbourne

Water bill spike without change in usual usage?

Damp or wet patches inside and outside home?

New dripping noises?

Or perhaps the paint is peeling in your bathroom or the plasterboard seems as if it is flexing or soft?

If this is the case, then contact the expert waterproofing specialists at 24 Hour Melbourne Plumbers for assistance. We possess experience in waterproofing large-scale areas for the construction industry as well as repair jobs in family homes across the city.

Changes in the integrity of drainage or waterproofing in your bathroom is often due to shifts in the building structure itself. When the house moves then areas that formally did their job for drainage and water protection aren’t as reliable as before.

What if I wait it out?

Leaking showers and inadequate waterproofed areas in your bathroom can mean thousands of dollars in repair bills in the future. If you left your shower to leak, not only could it buckle the floorboards but the moisture also means mold and invites white ants. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, call the friendly team at 24 Hour Melbourne Plumbers and we can assess the damage and provide shower repairs Melbourne wide.

What else can we do?

Why us for  24 hour shower repairs Melbourne?

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Our dedicated team at 24 Hour Melbourne Plumbers is available at any time to provide a superior leaking shower repairs Melbourne service. Just give us a call us for a free quote.