Pipe Relining Service

Get a pipe relining service done!

pipe relining

At 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers, we offer solutions for pipe relining. A broken pipe, whether it is gas or water, isn’t necessarily subject to replacement.  Metal pipework can rust and water pipes can move and break with time, ending up in gas leaks or blocked drains.

Pipe relining consists in having a brand new pipe installed within the damaged one, and this new pipe will efficiently take care of the water or gas transportation without damaging further the existing pipes.


There is no need to dig, break slabs, or damage any walls. The procedure is actually faster and will be way cheaper than having to replace a complete pipework and associated enclosure. This solution can last for decades and you will no longer need to replace and connect outer pipes. You will be able to enjoy efficient transport of your gas and water without having to worry about another break.

We are using up to date equipment. A camera is inserted in the existing pipe to inspect and survey the drains and locate the cause of the problem. We then, use a high pressure jet to clear the pipes and install the new liner where the break is. it only takes a few hours for the linen to be placed and harden up getting your pipe network ready to be used again.

We are your plumbing specialist, always ready to help for emergencies. We are providing pipe relining services for years. To hire our excellent professional services, simply give us a call and we will take care of your pipe network!