According to statistics, simply running the dishwasher requires 60 litres of water consumption. This is just part of the 900 litres daily water consumption of an average household. As you go on with your daily household chores, you should think of how much it could be costing you when you get your water bill.

There are times when the amount you pay does not reflect your usage. There can be different factors that cause this. One of the most common, however, is when there is damage to the pipe or the water system. Even a small issue will add to your bill if it causes leaks. The main reason you need to prioritise plumbing maintenance is to lessen the cost of the damage in the water system. With the help of a licensed plumber in Newcastle, you can attain this goal, improve water use, and reduce your water bill.

Daily Maintenance Tips To Prevent Plumbing Issues

Your daily activities can lead to plumbing issues. Adding more pressure to the pipe whenever you are using the faucet or just simply leaving the water unattended can cause simple problems that will lead you to a bigger plumbing issue.

Here are some tips if you want to increase the lifespan of your waste pipes and water system:

  • ✓ Consider running the dishwasher at night to ensure good water pressure during the day.
  • ✓ Avoid putting fibrous food waste down the sink disposal. Let the water run for a few minutes after using the disposal to make sure that everything is flushed down properly.
  • ✓ Install screens over the drains in the bathroom to prevent hair and other small items from clogging it.
  • ✓ Be careful in choosing clog removal products because some contain chemicals that can cause damage to the pipes.
  • ✓ Maintain a 10-minute interval between each use of the showers. This can help you ensure good water pressure.

Plumbing Issues That Need To Be Checked Weekly

Plumbing issues can cause a big problem that will cost you a lot of money if you are not vigilant. As you use water regularly, you may unconsciously cause damage to the faucet. Aside from proper usage, you should consider checking the water in your kitchen and the bathroom daily. This way, you would know if you need to get a professional plumbing service immediately.Here are some of the plumbing issues that you need to check weekly: Leaks, Foul smell in the kitchen or bathroom, A change in the water pressure, Clogged bathtub or toilet, etc.

Diagnose And Come Up With A Monthly Plumbing Plan

Even if you are don’t hear a dripping sound in your kitchen or bathroom, you should still check if there are leaks in some parts that are not visible. You can do this by monitoring your monthly water use. There are indicators that can help you determine if there is a problem with your water system.

Start by checking the differences in your utility bill. You can also check your water metre. You can easily determine if there are leaks by checking the metre during the night while everyone is asleep and no one is using the water. All you need to do is to write down the metre reading as soon as everyone is already in bed. Before any person uses water in the morning, check the metre and compare it with the reading you have recorded the night before. If it has increased even though no one used water, you might be dealing with leaks. The best way to deal with plumbing issues that are out of your control is to have a monthly plumbing maintenance plan.

Save yourself from the trouble of searching the damaged pipe and call a licensed plumber right away to help you check for issues every month. There are plumbing services that you can get monthly like grease trap cleaning, sewer checks, and drain cleaning.

Reasons To Consider Annual Plumbing Maintenance

You may have installed a corrosion-resistant plumbing system but this does not mean that you will no longer experience issues in the future. It is true that these drains and pipes are durable; however, there are still some outside factors that can cause damages to these.

Here are the important reasons why you should consider the annual plumbing maintenance: To identify what needs to be replaced, To avoid the consequences of failures in sewer line or water line, To eliminate mineral and sediment build-ups that cause functional issues and To identify fittings that need adjustments.

Create Your Plumbing Maintenance Plan Now

Holistic property maintenance requires checking all areas regularly. Your water system is a truly important component in your home or business. The sewer is also a vital part that should never be overlooked. Any damage will certainly cause a great problem if not rectified immediately. This is one of the most important systems of any building. It is designed to eliminate wastewater properly. Even if the materials that were used are sturdy, you still need to check if the pipes are working well. Preventive maintenance will help you save money.

Not everyone has the knowledge to be fixing damaged or misaligned pipes. Creating a plumbing maintenance plan will help you protect and maintain your property and the health of your family. Clean water is one of the most important needs of every individual. Make sure that your water system is properly working. Simple issues like small leaks can give you a big headache if you do not know how to locate them. If you want to avoid paying more, you should get your pipes regularly checked for leaks.