Blocked drains are often due to the symptoms of several underlying plumbing problems. For instance, the reasons for blocked drains at your place can be due to a crashed pipe from the ground, tree roots blocking the flow, and a rough inner lining with solid matter getting stuck i.e. toilet paper. Note that blocking drains cannot be solved by using regular toilet remedies and require an advanced approach. The blocked drain repair process may vary depending upon several situations.

Let’s get to the point and discuss blocked drain repair methods:

Blocked Drain Repair

Australia has a higher number of blocked drains plumbing problems around the world. No doubt plumbing problems often happen during odd hours. Also, you can’t wait the whole night or weekend for a plumber, right? Well, follow this post and learn more about the blocked drain repair techniques.

Boiling Water

This is the easiest blocked drain repair in this list.  Pour a pot of boiling water in the drain and it is most likely to clear the grease build-up, debris, mineral deposits etc. There are greater chances that you won’t have to move to the next solutions. Make sure not to use this method on PVC pipes as boiling water can loosen their joints or change the shapes – feel free to use it on ceramic or metal pipes.

Best Natural DIY Cleaner

Vinegar and baking soda, when mixed together, make the best DIY drain cleaner. Simply pour the vinegar and baking soda into the drain and wait for a few minutes. The mixture of vinegar and baking soda produces oxygen which easily washes away any small debris or solid objects. Note that you might want to repeat the same process for a few times to completely get rid of the blockage.  You can also refer to our 10 DIY plumbing tips!


When it comes to blocked drain repair, the plunger is the first thing that comes to the mind of all homeowners – it works too! Cover the overflow spouts for a better seal and apply the pressure with a plunger to clear the blockage. Though plunging is the best technique to get rid of solid blockages, it doesn’t work well to clear mineral deposits, debris, or grease build-up.


As the name suggests, hydro-jet produces a powerful stream in the drain to clear the matter causing the blockage. Unlike plunging, hydro-jet works best to clear the grease build-up, mineral deposits, and small debris and doesn’t work well against solid blockages. Though you can try using a hydro-jet to clear the blockage, it is recommended to seek professional plumbing services if it comes to getting as far as using a hydro jet-setting aside the rest blocked drain repair methods.

Final Verdict

By any chance, if you fail to clear the blockages, the best solution is to contact an emergency plumbing service near you. If you’re based in Melbourne, expert plumbers at 24Hour Plumber Melbourne offers the best residential and commercial plumbing services. In case of further questions or suggestions, call us today to book an expert right away!