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If your hot water system is messing up, our experienced plumbers can help you with hot water repairs Melbourne. Most people would delay a necessary servicing while getting cold showers & low pressure because they are afraid of the costs associated to their gas hot water system repairs Melbourne. By 

Calling us, at 24HourMelbournePlumbers, we are able to assist you with very basic repairs, providing very savvy solutions. In the case, it cannot be fixed or serviced, our emergency plumbers can assist you and install a new new hot water heater. We are used to work with many different brands, so we can tailor up the best solution choosing the right model for your needs. For any assistance, you should always seek assistance from professional plumbers for your hot water repairs anywhere in Melbourne. We can service, repair, install and advise !

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Hot Water Repairs Melbourne Plumbers


Everybody is used to have hot water and we sometimes tend to take it for granted, until you don’t have any anymore. 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers can assist you in emergency to restore your hot water system so you can finally take that shower you deserve.


We can provide you with installation, repairs and servicing of all kind of hot water system, and recommend appropriate solutions adapted to your needs.


We understand that these emergencies can’t wait, so we offer immediate hot water system repairs and can come up with an accurate quote over the phone. Our highly experienced technicians are able to diagnose the issue and find a solution quickly.

You have come to the right company when in need of emergency services! The team specializes in hot water system repairs and installations. We value great customer service over anything else.

We operate all over Melbourne providing homeowners and businesses with the best quality repairs.

Our team is constituted of qualified plumbers who are
highly competent and able to repair hot water systems of all major Australian brands. However, if your hot water system cannot be repaired, we will install a brand new hot water unit for you on the same day.

Gas Hot Water System Repairs Melbourne

When your general hot water system breaks down and you don’t have hot water anymore, it becomes an absolute emergency for any household or business to get it fixed ASAP!

24HourMelbournePlumbers specializes in electric & gas hot water system repairs
Melbourne, as well as servicing and installations. We offer excellent customer service and provide rapid  repairs with same day service guarantee. Our qualified plumbers are fully equipped to fix any hot water heater and systems of all major Australian brands. If your hot water system is too damaged and isn’t fixable, we can install a brand new hot water system for you on the very same day.

Gas hot water systems are slowly taking over their electric similars for an understanding array of reasons. If we compare to electric systems,  gas systems have a diminished environmental impact. Additionally, you can choose the efficiency of your gas hot water heater as all come with energy star ratings. Water tends to be heated faster when using a gas system. Moreover, the genuine cost of a running gas hot water system is very advantageous compared to its electric fellow.

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What is Included with our Hot Water Repairs Melbourne Services?

  • Any new valves or parts required
  • Pipe alterations and work on pipework
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Installation and/or Removal of units
  • Operate and Test

What Can You Expect with 24HourMelbournePlumbers?

  • Same day friendly service
  • 24/7 emergency hot water repairs Melbourne services
  • Competitive advantageous pricing
  • Knowledgeable technicians on all kind of hot water systems and heaters
  • Removal of existing hot water heaters when required
hot water repairs melbourne
hot water repairs melbourne
gas hot water system repairs melbourne service

Emergency Services – Always Available

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Excellent & Quick Services in Melbourne

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Fast Replacements – Guarantee of Work

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Wherever you are around Melbourne, we can come the same day!

Repairs & Servicing.

We can help over commercial, industrial or residential (houses & apartments).

Experienced, Qualified & Efficient.


We are servicing Melbourne and most of Victoria

Contact us for any emergency plumbing services 24/7

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Dean was extremely helpful. He liaised with the tenant and kept me informed with pictures and calls throughout the job. Very impressed with his timeliness, punctuality and efficiency in sorting out my plumbing issue. Highly recommend these guys!

★★★★★ (5/5)
Richard Simpson



Easy to deal with. Came on time did excellent job. Reasonably priced. Would highly reccomend



★★★★★ (5/5)


Dean was fantastic. Excellent with his communication, really considerate regarding times, job clarification, and managing the water to the building. And the job itself was done well. Would hire him again no worries.


Rated 4.9 over 60 Reviews and hired 120 times via OneFlare !.

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