Do you need a Dux hot water service? We can help you out. Our team consists of licensed plumbers and gas fitters who have several years of experience in the industry. A hot water service from us includes repairs and maintenance service for your storage or continuous flow water heaters. Our plumbers are always equipped with right tools and knowledge to fix anything in your water heaters. Dux offers a wide range of hot water systems to suit all your needs. Whether you’re a family of four or living alone, there is a water heater for you. So, if you are looking to install a new dux water heater in your home or office space, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be there at your location within an hour.

Dux Hot Water System

Dux was established in the year 1915 and has been constantly expanding and developing new technology ever since. It is owned by a Japanese company called Noritz, known for their hot water systems. Over the years they have perfected the technology of hot water systems and now produce high quality, efficient and reliable products. They have made use of Noritz’s technical capabilities to build better and more competitive tanks in Australia. Their facility in the Southern Highlands uses a Quality Endorsed Company production system which ensures that every product is safe and is in perfect working condition.

The Dux hot water systems have several features that make them unique and efficient-

10-year storage tank warranty
Full- flow pressure to all taps
Water connections on both sides of the storage tank
Adjustable thermostat
Available in natural gas and LPG models
Duro-namel ™ tank lining for corrosion protection

Dux Hot Water Service – Expert Plumbers

24Hour Melbourne Plumbers can easily install, repair and maintain your water heaters. If you’re looking to buy a new water heater, you call us for professional advice on which system will suit your needs best. We have several years of experience in dealing with Dux hot water systems and know the ins and outs of their products. Keep in mind, whether it is a repair or installation service, you need a licensed professional to carry out the job. He ensures that the warranty of your water heater remains intact. Moreover, if you have a gas hot water system, a licensed gas-fitter is best equipped to handle the product. Our team is under constant training in order to keep up with the changes and developments in the industry and its products. We are always equipped with the right tools and enough spare parts to handle any last-minute repair work. So, give our team of experts a call for a Dux hot water service today!

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