Gas related issues are always problematic and dangerous and should always be dealt with by a professional gas plumber. It is no surprise that a gas leak or a faulty gas heater can become an added problem in your already stressful life. So, instead of fixing the problem yourself, just give us a call. Every plumber at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers is highly trained and has the knowledge and skill to tackle any gas fitting problem. It doesn’t matter when you need a plumber, our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even public holidays. It can be a gas leak emergency or you might just need to install a gas appliance, we will do it for you.

Gas Fitting Melbourne


Our professional gas fitter Melbourne is experienced in dealing with residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing issues. We are here to ensure your complete safety and avoid any possible fire hazards. 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers will install all kinds of gas fittings you might require in your homes or commercial spaces. Gas oven or stove, gas water heaters, or gas pipes, we will install and repair everything.

Our gas fitting services also include checking your LPG regulators, gas barbecues or installing an entirely new gas pipe line. The gas plumbers at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers also provide maintenance services apart from our replacements. We make sure that the gas fitting in your home or office space is in perfect condition. Hence, we offer regular inspection services as well, so that you can avoid any major gas leaks in the future.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Referred to as the silent killer, Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be fatal. Carbon Monoxide is an ordourless gas that can be emitted by a faulty gas appliance or inadequate ventilation. What is even more dangerous is that a CO leak can be easily overlooked. If certain family members or office employees complain of having flu-like symptoms like headaches, vomiting, weakness, you need to call us for gas plumbing. CO testing is absolutely necessary to maintain a safe and sound environment within your homes and offices.
Stay on the safer side of the tracks and regularly get a Carbon Monoxide testing done by our gas plumber Melbourne. This is not something you should avoid. Moreover, a CO testing needs to be done every 2 years. So, if you appoint us, we will send you a reminder every two years and come at a time convenient to you to carry out the testing.

Contact A Professional Gas Plumber

Whether it is a gas installation, repair or maintenance service, our licensed gas plumber will be there to fix the problem. Don’t overlook gas plumbing issues, just call us. However, if you just need to fix a new gas oven or gas water heater system, we will do that too. Our plumbers are experienced in dealing with all types of gas appliances from different brands; if you are unsure of which appliance to buy for your home or office, we will also provide you with the right advice that will suit your space and budget. So, just call up 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers at any time of the day and we will be there within an hour.