Are you looking for someone to fix your drains or sewers? Don’t worry, 24Hour Plumber Melbourne can reline any drain, pipe or sewer. Our professional pipe relining service is clean and efficient, we won’t even have to dig up your lawn or driveway, break slabs, or damage any walls. The procedure is actually faster and will be way cheaper than replacing the complete pipework and associated enclosure.

At 24Hour Plumber Melbourne, we offer solutions for pipe relining. A broken pipe, if you have a problem with blocked, clogged or broken drain we are your one point of contact. The fixing process is much faster than you think, so call the experts when your pipes are creating trouble for you.

Securing The Pipes

Pipe relining consists of having a brand new pipe installed within the damaged one, and this new pipe will efficiently take care of the water without further damaging the existing pipes.

A professional pipe relining job will ensure that your pipe lasts longer than 10 years. This will result in no extra expenditure on repairing or replacing your pipes. You will be able to enjoy the efficient transport of your water without having to worry about another break. So whether your pipes have cracks, breaks, or are corroded we will fix it all!

Why Call For Plumbing Professional Help?

As professional plumbers, we are aware of the problems that come with broken pipes such as leaks or blocked drains. You can rely on our team of highly trained professionals to re-furbish your pipes to avoid any leaks or plumbing issues.

Our work includes pipe relining, sewer pipe relining, blocked drains, drain relining and repairs, drain installation, drain cleaning and more. Cracked drains or pipes affected by invading roots, soil subsidence, or shifting soil, pipe relining can offer a long term solution to any of these problems without very heavy and expensive excavation works.

We use modern and up-to-date equipment to inspect the existing pipe, locate the cause of the problem, clean and finally fix the break. To sum up, pipe relining is the process of making your drain or sewer pipes stronger. Our team installs brand-new pipe walls without creating a mess in your homes or office space.

Call Us!

If you feel that you have to get your drain or sewer pipes repaired ever-so-often, you might just need some pipe relining. Call us and we’ll send in a team of experts to repair or install a new pipe. We will make sure that you receive the best service possible.
Our professional plumbers are trained to fix your pipes in the most efficient and clean way. Wherever you are in Melbourne, we will reach you. So give us a call and we’ll take care of everything while you sit back and relax!