It is our guarantee that you will receive the best hot water installation service in Melbourne. Our technicians are licensed plumbers with several years of experience. We provide top-notch installation services and make sure that you don’t face a plumbing problem any time soon. Moreover, our amazing services are available to you at any time of the day super-affordable rates. So, you can call us for a plumbing emergency at 3 am without worrying about burning a hole in your wallet. Whether it is an electric, gas or solar hot water system, we will install it all. You can also get same-day service. The only thing you need to do is, call us!

Hot Water System Installation

There are several types of hot water systems in the market. Get a hot water installation service done from us today, to get the best out of you water heaters. You can either get a solar, gas or electric hot water system installed in your residential or commercial spaces. Solar hot water systems are quite expensive but are a great investment in the long run. They are great for the environment since they make use of solar energy to heat up the water.

A gas hot water system basically requires an existing gas pipeline. However, if you don’t have one but still want a gas hot water installation, then we will install the pipeline as well. Gas water heater are very efficient and quite affordable too. When it comes to electric hot water systems, you can’t go wrong. Except for not being too energy efficient, these are the most affordable. You can also get instant electric hot water system installation for a continuous flow of hot water in your homes or offices.

Different Types Of Hot Water Installation

Every hot water system requires a different kind of installation. For storage water heaters, you will need to install storage units. An electric storage unit has an element at the bottom of the tank which heats the water in it and then stores it in an insulated area. This then makes hot water available to you whenever you need it.

The solar hot water system requires a special storage tank that get water pumped into it. The installation of these kinds of storage tanks requires a professional to do it. Even if you are getting an instant water heater installed, you will need a licensed plumber to do it.

Emergency Hot Water Services

We are not just known for our installation services, we also repair and replace hot water systems. A number of problems can arise with a water heater system and we are here to fix it. So, if your hot water system is leaking in the middle of the night and flooding your bathroom, call us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call Us For The Best Installation Service

Get the most efficient and quickest hot water installation Melbourne. 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers make sure that our customers don’t face any troubles in their homes or in their businesses. Your convenience is of the utmost importance to us. So, whether it is a new hot water system or an already existing one that needs repair, you know who to call. We come to your homes or work place with enough spare parts to replace anything and get the job done there and then. No fuss!

So, it is for the best that you call us today for the best hot water system installation.