Solar Hot Water Installation

A solar hot water installation is a very complex process and requires some time and a professional eye. So, it is always better to get in touch with a professional for an installation service. One has to keep a number of things in mind when installing a solar water heater. The process is quite different to that of gas or electric water heaters. The right solar hot water system can be more affordable in the long run compared to an electric system. Get an installation service from the team of licensed plumbers and roofing experts at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers today!

Solar Hot Water Installation Service

The installation of a solar hot water system requires quite a bit of planning on your part. Since the process take a bit of time, it is better that you plan it accordingly. The reason this process takes more time than an electric or gas water heater is because of the solar panels. The panels need to be strategically installed on a part of the roof that gets maximum sunlight. Moreover, the thermosiphon system, which is the collector panel and the storage tank together, can sometimes be a bit too much for the roof to bear. This is the reason why the roof might need to reinforced to be able to take the weight. There are several thing we keep in mind when installing a solar hot water system. We take all the necessary precautions to prevent your solar water heater from being damaged. The most common problem in colder areas is the damage caused to panels due to frost. Our team installs frost-tolerant panels, for frost-prone areas, that use a special heat-exchange fluid to heat-up the tank instead of heating up the water.

Collectors for your solar water heaters can either be flat or evacuated tubes. Although, they’re the more expensive option, evacuated tubes are more efficient and require less panel area. Usually, a four person household would require about 300-360L tank. Larger tanks are required for days with lesser sunlight or more frequent hot showers. Another important installation is electric or gas boosters that are installed with the storage tank. This is to ensure the flow of hot water on days when there is no sunlight. Our plumbers are highly qualified professional and work according to the housing rules set by all the councils in Melbourne. There are certain areas that might not allow the installation of a solar hot water system. Even though almost all councils allow for the installation of solar water heaters, there are a few who don’t. Receive quality solar hot water installation from the licensed professionals at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers.

Choose Your Own System

Choosing your own solar water heaters may not be that easy. 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers provide round the clock hot water services and can answer any queries you may have when buying a new solar hot water system. If you’re looking to save some energy and money at the same time, a solar water heater is the way to go. It is a one time investment of money and time, and will last you for years. You can choose from-

  • Roof mounted- this system sits entirely on your roof, taking up no space on the ground level. The storage tank as well as the collectors are placed on the roof. It’s often installed on the northern-end of your roofs for maximum sunlight. The hot water is circulated through the house through the mains while cold water travels through the collectors to heat up and re-fill the storage tank.
  • Heat pumps- Unlike your normal solar water heaters, heat pumps derive the heat from the air to heat up water. This system requires the slightest amount of electricity for the pump to function.
  • Flat-plate collectors- the traditional solar water heater where the collector traps in the solar rays and heats up the water in the insulated tank.
  • Evacuated tube collectors- this system runs with a series if cylindrical glass tubes attached together that are installed to your roof. The chemical inside these tubes boils when the temperature is anywhere between 30-40°C. This results in the copper tubes inside each tube to heat which heats the water passing through.
  • Split systems- they work same as the roof mounted systems but the storage tank is installed on the ground instead of the roof. We can easily replace the water tank if it needs to be done.

Affordable System – Professional Installation Service

A normal installation would cost you a significant amount. However, you have to keep in mind that a solar hot water system will lead to approximately 80% reduction in your water heating bills. If you get a system with a gas booster, it will be significantly cheaper compared to electric boosters. In addition, roof mounted and split systems are usually cheaper compared to the other types of solar hot water systems. Furthermore, if you are confused about which system is best for you, our experts can help you out. So, simply give our team a call and we can help you out!