Plumber Cranbourne East

Looking for plumber Cranbourne East services? If you have a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP, we’ll come to your door immediately. Whether it’s a boiling hot day or the middle of the night, our team can solve your problems stress-free. With 24/7 emergency services available, just call our line and we’ll get to your address before you know it to fix your issue. We serve all of Cranbourne East and its surrounding areas.

Our Plumber Cranbourne East Range Of Services

Our professional, licensed plumbers will deliver foolproof solutions to all your plumbing problems. We provide the following services and more. Just contact us if you don’t see your issue in the following list because really, our team is equipped to handle just about everything.

Pipe Relining

When you have a burst pipe, you need quick service. Our emergency plumbers can get there fast and fix your pipes from serious water damage. We can do damage control and repair your pipes to get them working safely again. Pipe relining is not only faster to complete for you to regain full function of your plumbing, but is also a cost saving alternative.

Heating and Cooling

We can carry out repairs, installations and maintenance for split systems, ducted heating and cooling systems of every brand. To ensure efficient use and optimised working conditions, a regular maintenance service is recommended.

Gas Leaks

With the tools we have on hand we can detect and repair leaks quickly, helping you prevent further damage and problems as well as saving you from racking up your water bill.

Blocked Drains

Whether you’ve recently found your pipes clogged from debris, waste, food, gunk, stormwater or any other materials, 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers can easily get rid of blockage and repair any drain with long-lasting results. We can locate the issue before it gets worse, and repair and clean your pipes to work perfectly once more.

Gas Fittings

We can do a complete gas fitting as well as reinstall or repair gas piping and other appliances. We’re trained to handle your equipment safely and provide guaranteed results.

Hot Water Systems

Got a problem with your hot water? Don’t let the issue fester. We work with all types of hot water systems. From installation, repair, maintenance or replacement, call 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers for you guessed it, 24/7 optimum service.

General Repairs and Installations

We also offer quick and long-lasting solutions for general installation and repairs. Whether you need a tap installed or a toilet repaired, a sink set up, you can even renovate your entire bathroom plumbing with our team. We do complete reinstallation and fixes with clean and timely results. Here are some of the hardware and issues we can help you with:

Rainwater Tank Installation
Toilet Installation
Toilet Repairs
Boiler Systems
Grease Traps
Dripping Taps
Frozen Pipes
Water Damage
Water Pressure
Heat Pumps
Ducted Gas Heating
Roof & Gutter
Backflow Prevention

Reach Us Now For Immediate Service

Whatever your problem, big or small, 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers can service your plumbing needs from installations, repairs to maintenance and everything in between.

The Most Reliable and Competent 24/7 Plumber Cranbourne East

Having been in the business for years, our team of gas fitters and plumbers are licensed, insured and more importantly, equipped with a wealth of experience. With our dedication to servicing the community, we work to provide the best results for you to get your plumbing working the right way again. Our services are prompt, efficient and clean, making us the most trustworthy plumbing service provider for a variety of repairs, installations and maintenance needs. With a diverse team of experts who undergo extensive training, we keep up with the latest plumbing technology and training to provide seamless service. You won’t have to put life on pause with all your plumbing working to its highest capacity.

plumber cranbourne east service
plumber cranbourne east services

24/7 Emergency Services Plumber Cranbourne East

We know nonfunctioning plumbing will inconvenience your day-to-day. That’s why at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers we provide emergency plumbing services. We’re there for you, all day, every day. Whether it’s burst pipes, leaks, hot water issues or gas system issues, you don’t have to sit and wait for it to get worse. Get them fixed or replaced right away by our team and keep the damage to a minimum. We also do complete installations and offer maintenance to ensure your plumbing’s quality and lifespan. From commercial to residential, our certified and competent plumbers have serviced a wide range of clients for their plumbing needs to satisfaction.

Licensed, trained and experienced, there’s no better team to solve your issue than 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers! Call us today for immediate Cranbourne East services and guaranteed results.


Q: What do I do if I get a blocked toilet?

A: If your toilet is blocked, leave it as it is until a professional can look at it. Flushing repeatedly will cause more problems/damage. Call us so we can identify the source and repair it to work normally again.

Q: What are the common causes of a blocked drain?

A: One of the many ways drains can get blocked is with quilted toilet paper and other foreign objects that aren’t easily soluble. If you have a blocked drain, just give us a call or request a free quote and tell us what’s happened, and we’ll come out to fix it for you.

Q: I need an emergency plumber in Melbourne, can you help?

A: Of course! We serve Cranbourne East and various Melbourne areas. When you have plumbing emergencies, we are always there for you. Don’t hesitate to call at any time of day or night for help with an emergency.

Q: What does a plumber cost?

A: What we charge ultimately depends on the job. Rest assured, our quotes are competitively priced. You can contact us to get yours!

Q: How do I find a reliable plumber in my area of Melbourne?

A: Call 1300 009 477 to get reliable plumbers immediately to your scene. Our team will conduct diagnostics to locate your problem and solve your issue to get your plumbing working properly again.

Q: What hours are you open?

A: We are available 24/7. This means you can catch us at any time, night or day for any problem. Our vehicles are fast and our equipment always updated, which means we can fix your problem immediately before it gets worse. Just give us a call and we’ll head to your address immediately.

Q: Do plumbers need insurance?

A: Yes, plumbers must have insurance to be working with the equipment they do and to perform the services they offer. Hiring insured plumbers like ourselves means you are getting accountability so you can be protected from any liability involved in plumbing work.

Q: Are you a licensed plumber?

A: Yes. We have a team of plumbing experts who can solve any residential, commercial and emergency plumbing issues you may be experiencing. Our plumbers can work with all sorts of hot water, heating and cooling systems, take care of burst/leaking/damaged pipes, while our gas fitters can handle any gas-related appliances. Rely on us for your emergency plumbing installation and maintenance.