Sink Repair Melbourne

Call the team at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers today for professional sink repair. We can handle everything sink related, from small leak repairs to a complete sink replacement. Our team are professionally trained to handle any and all sink related problems with ease. We’ve repaired sinks for homes and businesses all across Melbourne with outstanding results. Call us today and we’ll have a plumber sent out to you within the hour!

Our Sink Repair Process

A sink crack left for too long can cause huge problems later down the line if left unfixed. Our service process involves repairing and restoring your sink to perfect condition, avoiding those problems completely:


Our plumbers clean the sink

By removing dirt and grime with a cloth or sponge and then letting it dry, we can get better results when applying the fix.


We sand down the damaged area

With fine sandpaper we lightly sand the cracked area. This is so the repair compound and touch up paint stick properly and leave a seamless result.


Our plumber will repair the sink

We conduct sink repair using material filler, or a special repair compound, epoxy or plumber’s putty for metal and plastic sinks. While a plastic sink can be repaired to like-new condition, a steel sink will never look the same and the hole will always be visible. If you’re looking for a complete fix for your steel sink, we recommend replacing it instead.


We apply the final touches

With some sinks we can apply paint to completely restore the look and feel of the sink.

Call 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers Today

With every sink repair service, our plumbers will let you know beforehand what results you can expect and what you will be paying for. We aim to provide a professional and comprehensive service. If you need your sink repaired or replaced, call our plumbers today. We also offer 24 hour emergency service and can be at your home or business any time to repair your sink. Talk to our team today for more information!