Burst Water Main

Water leaks and burst water pipes can be quite problematic. However, a burst water main can cause an immense amount of damage to your property. Moreover, it completely stop s the supply of water in your home and can completely flood your driveway or front yard with water. This is not a problem that can be ignored, for it can affect your property’s value and destroy a lot of things in your home. This can not just cause flooding outside your home but inside as well. However, if you unfortunately find yourself in this situation simply give the plumbers at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers a call. We provide 24 hour emergency services and will be at your location ASAP!

Why Is My House Flooded?

This is probably your worst nightmare, waking up and placing your feet in a pool of water in your bedroom. The amount of cleaning required after such a problem is enough to break anyone. However, not to worry, this is when you get the experts to come in and handle the job. Our first suggestion to all the people who have gone through such a horrific event is to look out for indications. Small plumbing problems such as leaks can sprout any time and are quite common as well. But if these problems arise way too frequently, you should get it looked at. These are signs that there may be a break waiting to happen. Leaky faucets, wet patches in your home or outside are indicators of a leak but if overlooked may need burst pipe repair. Extreme temperatures too can lead to a burst water main. If the water temperature drops below -6° degrees, the water freezes and creates a lot of pressure within the pipe. At such a stage, it’s best to call an expert plumber immediately.

Regular Maintenance – Professional Plumbers

A regular inspection of your plumbing system can help you avoid problems such as a burst pipe in the walls. This problem doesn’t just affect you but also your neighbouring homes. A maintenance service from us will ensure that all your plumbing systems are working fine. We look into all your pipe connections, taps, showers, hot water systems and you gas and water connections as well.
24Hour Melbourne Plumbers also provide repairs and installation services. We can easily repair your burst water main without any fuss. Fixing main pipelines may take longer as compared to a smaller pipe in your home, but we can fix it no matter what. We also provide our customers with a pipe relining service in case of such a problem. Another reason why your water mains may burst is because of dirt and debris blocking up the pipe. Our team of highly qualified plumbers can easily fix your water mains and even help you clean up. Your comfort is of utmost priority to us.

Contact Our Certified Plumbers Today!

Burst water mains can be quite a pain and the cleaning up after the water damage is even worse. 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers are here to solve your problems. We make sure that every job is carried out efficiently and with as much cleanliness as possible. If the inside or outside of your house has been flooded with water, our team will help you clean up the mess. You don’t have to worry about cleaning and breaking your back scooping out water from your home, we will do it for you. Just call us at any location in Melbourne!