Burst Water Pipe

Finding your home flooded early morning due to a burst water pipe is frustrating. Imagine having to wade through water on a Monday morning. There is only so much you can deal with on Mondays. Don’t despair! You can hop on to the bed and have a team of licensed plumbers at your doorstep ASAP for burst pipe repair service. The team at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers, will not just fix your burst pipe, we will also clear out any collected water and dry everything up. Like we said, don’t despair. Our plumbers are here for the rescue. We are highly trained and experienced in all plumbing practices, and keep ourselves updated with any developments in industry technology.

Here’s What YOU Can Do

A burst water pipe is an emergency and while we assure you our team will get to your location in less than an hour’s time, immediate damage control is required. First thing’s first, turn off the main water supply and all electricity. This way you don’t end up wasting tons of water and nobody wants to get electrocuted in such a situation. Closing the main water supply will eventually close the water flow from the water pipe. Use the other taps in your home and store some water for immediate use. Doing this will help you use up any water left in the pipes after closing the main supply. So, without any water in the pipes, the burst pipe won’t leak any more. While you fill buckets or bottles of water, contact the professionals. Even though sometimes the actual problem can be easily located, but it cannot be fixed that easily. There are many reasons why a pipe would burst which can often only be spotted by a professional plumber. So, call our team of experts today.

Do You Have A Hidden Burst Water Pipe?

This happens quite often that a pipe bursts without you ever coming to know about it, until it’s too late. So, how about you look out for some red flags the next time you turn on the faucet.


Loss of water pressure- the most common way of determining blocks, leaks and bursts. If water has another outlet, then the main supply running through your tap will definitely reduce. In fact you may have a burst water main.


Damp patches on ceiling and walls- These are unpleasant to look at and cause a lot of damage to your health as well. A burst water pipe hidden in the walls, will ruin your wall.


Loose tiles- If the tiles in your bathroom just seem to come off with a slight nudge, then there’s a problem. This happens because it has nothing to stick to.


Puddles of water in your lawn- this is very yucky! Imagine stepping into your garden and stepping into a puddle of dirty water.


Peeling paint/wallpaper- It is more than obvious if your walls are wet, they will be unable to hold a whole layer of paint on them; nor can the glue for wallpaper survive a wet wall.

Fixing All Bursts – Professional Plumbers

Blockages, faulty installation, high water pressure, damaged pipes or very old pipes are the few reasons that can cause a burst water pipe. One call to 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers will ensure that all bursts are fixed in no time. Whether it is clearly visible or hidden away underground or behind a wall, we will find the cause and repair it. Our vans are always equipped with the best of tools and technology, so we are always ready for any challenge thrown at us. Once we get to your location, you can rest assured your plumbing is in the best hands. Call us to contact our emergency team right now!!