Hot water systems are available in numerous sizes, type, and brands and selecting an ideal hot water system for your home is certainly a confusing task. If you’re looking for a water heater, you may have asked yourself “What size hot water system do I need?” several times, right? Well, follow this post and we’ll try out best to answer each possible question to ease your water heater purchase.

Setting aside the size, the energy efficiency, quality, and model of hot water system matters a lot. Thereby, there are several things one must consider before buying the best yet affordable hot water system.

What Size Hot Water System Do I need?

The sizing of any home appliance is totally dependent on certain factors. You can’t just select a size based on your personal taste or impractical factors. To shortlist your hot water system search, make sure to consider the following factors when searching for a new hot water system.

  Fuel Source

Fuel type plays a key role in selecting the best hot water system for your home. However, it totally depends on your living conditions as well as preference. Hot water systems are available in various fuel source including electricity, gas, solar energy, hybrid, and more.

If you have enough gas in your area, selecting a gas-fueled heater might be the best choice for you. Otherwise, electric heater serves the best deal in winters. Similarly, solar-energy water heaters work best in areas with a lot of sun exposure.

 Physical Size

When looking for a hot water system, you probably have decided or made a dedicated space to install it at your place. If so, make sure to select a water heater that will fit in your desired space. Hot water systems are generally installed in narrow spaces outside the premises. Thereby, make sure to keep an accurate measurement to find the perfect choice for you.

Household Size

Moreover, the size of any hot water system is largely dependent on your house – whether you have a small condo or a large house. In addition, family members also play a key role in finalizing the water heater tank size. For instance, if you have 4 persons to take shower early in the morning, selecting a larger water tank is a good choice to provide enough hot water to all of them.

Water Heater Size Chart

Hot water system sizes are generally categorized by the capacity in gallons and the BPU input. If you’re still concerned about your desired hot water system size, here’s a quick guide to help you understand what you’ll need:

30-gallon tank capacity is enough for a family of 2 persons.
40-gallon tank capacity is enough for a family of 3 persons.
50-gallon tank capacity is enough for a family of 4 persons.
80-gallon tank capacity is enough for a family of 5 or more persons.

Note that you can find different types of hot water systems in these sizes. Still, it is best to consider the above tips before making the final choice. A hot water system that works best for your neighbor may not serve the same deal to you.

Final Verdict

Following the above guide, one must be able to determine the perfect hot water system size for their household. In the end, make sure to hire professional plumbing services for the perfect installation and setup process. Looking for an emergency plumber near you to install, repair, or maintain your hot water system? Feel free to contact us and our customer care assistant will help you accordingly.