Since gas leaks have the potential to cause severe damage, you should never attempt to fix the problem yourself. Leave the repair work to the experts.A gas leak simply is a leak of natural or other gaseous products from a pipeline or other containment into an area where the gas should not be present.Pure natural gas is colorless and odorless and is composed mainly of methane. Unpleasant scents in the form of traces of mercaptans are added, to assist in identifying leaks.If you notice a smell like rotten eggs in your home, it’s a red flag that gas is leaking and you are at high risk of injury or even death.

Are Gas Leaks Good?

Gas leaks are incredibly harmful to the health and environment as well; small animals and birds are more sensitive to toxic gases including the methane and carbon monoxide present in natural gas.

Gas leaks which are too small to pose an explosive hazard may still affect vegetation, causing decline and death of lawns or large shade trees. Gas leaks have adverse effects on human beings as well, exposure to a love level of natural gas can cause Irregular breathing, Fatigue and Nausea.


What about exposure to high levels?

✔ Memory problems

✔ Death

✔ Severe headaches

✔ Lack of coordination


What causes Gas Leaks

✔ Poorly fitted appliances

✔ Accidental damage to underground natural gas, etc.


Signs of a natural gas leak

Gas leaks are hazardous; it has a strong smell added so that leaks can be detected easily. Not considering rotten egg smell, other ways we can detect gas leaks include:

  1. Dead or discolored vegetation in the area that has otherwise healthy plants
  2. Hissing/blowing sound
  3. Dirt that is blown out of a hole in the ground

But how do we handle such a situation before contacting an expert

✔ Go outside immediately, opening doors and windows and extinguishing any open flames as you go.

✔ Never use a telephone, flashlights or switch any light ON or OFF inside the home, as these could cause a spark and start a fire.

✔ Don’t plug or unplug any electrical appliances.

✔ Don’t re-enter your home again until a gas company representative has inspected your home and determined it to be safe.

✔ Contact your gas company to report the leak.

✔ Gas leaks are never good for our health and that of our pets, improper handling can cause permanent damage to the environment. Services of an expert should always be employed…