Laundry Renovations

You may think that the small little laundry room in your home is insignificant. But you understand how important it is when you don’t actually have one in your home. So, keeping this one room fucntional is important which is why call us for your laundry renovations. Our services are not limited to your homes, we also cover commercial laundry shops or community laundry spaces. You can depend on the experienced team of 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers to get that room looking beautiful while making sure everything works. Just get in touch with our team for laundry, bathroom or toilet renovations.

Experienced, Professional Laundry Renovations

With more than a decade of experience in all things plumbing, we can make sure that your pipe connections are correct. Whether you have one machine or an array of washing machines, we will install and repair them for you. Our plumbers are dedicated and always strive to provide you with the best services possible.

Your laundry renovations from 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers will ensure that you never have to face any plumbing problems. When it comes to commercial laundry shops, we understand that we are dealing with a large quantity of machines. In such a case, our plumbers will inspect every pipe and eklectrical connection. We are here to make sure that each one of your machines works perfectly well, so that your customers don’t face any troubles when doing their laundry.

Get The Right Cost For Rennovation!

The cost of renovating your laundry usually depends on the kind of space you have. As far as residential spaces are conerned, the laundry rooms are not very big. However, if it is a commercial laundry space then the amount of space it takes is a lot more.
Another aspect that affects the overall cost of renovations is the kind of design and materials you choose. So, if you want complete tile flooring along with a marble countertop, that might just cost a bit more.

There are a number of different design options nowadays for laundry rooms. For instance a modern laundry renovations, will include installation of storage cabinets, fancy counter tops, tap fittings, electical fittings and finally the plumbing.

24Hour Melbourne Plumbers can renovate your laundry and make it one of the most interesting rooms in your entire house. We can have our team advise you on the kind of fittings you need installed and in the process we’ll make sure that we stick to your budget as well. As far as fancy spaces are concerned, we can also help you re-build your ensuite bathroom.

Contact Us For A Better Looking Laundry

Whether it is a commercial space, a community room or a single room in your home, we will transform your laundry. From country chic to modern monochromatic vibes; from the tiles to the pipe connections for the machines out-let hose, we cover it all. Don’t think too much, call our experts and get the right kind of advice on the type of laundry you deserve to have. Call us today!