Leaking Mixer Tap

The types of taps available in the market are beyond what we can comprehend. Getting them installed correctly is the best way to avoid a leaking mixer tap. The team at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers can install and repair your mixer taps without any fuss. They usually come ion different designs but the common ones have two taps attached to one single spout. Fixing these taps is no rocket science, however, there are several details that need to be looked at when fixing a tap. We also look into other pipes connected to the taps, the main water supply and finally the tap themselves to spot the cause of the leak. Ignoring a leaky tap can cause major damage to your property, your health, and your water bills. It is best to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

Remove And Replace – Mixer Taps

A leaking mixer tap needs to be fixed immediately in order to avoid any major damages being caused due to it. Most mixers need repairs in three different areas. The large snap ring and the grub screw are two parts that can get easily damaged with time and general usage. The seal ring that lies at the base of both the snap ring and the grub screw is what needs to be replaced in this case. Now finding the right replacement for your seal ring is a hard task which is why leaving this job to the experts is your best bet. Our team of plumbers always have the right attachments and replacements required for any job that we are called for. So, even if you cannot find the right replacement for the seal ring in the market, we will have it. You don’t have to worry one bit if you call us to repair your leaking mixer tap. We can easily repair and replace anything within the mixer tap and get it back to working condition in no time.

What Is A Mixer Tap?

If you’re looking for a tap that can easily provide a flow of hot and cold water, a mixer tap is a way to go. They usually have a cartridge inside the tap which makes them easier to use and more convenient. Mixer taps usually come in very minimalistic designs and are quite simple to operate as well. You can choose from a wide variety of mixer taps from pull-out taps to spray mixers, these taps are the most convenient option not just for your kitchen but also for your bathroom. The minimalist look of this particular design is the perfect fit for your kitchens. You can either go for the classic two taps connected with one spout or a single tap that uses a cartridge on the inside. Whether you’re going for a vibrant look for your kitchen or bathroom or a chic and sophisticated look, these taps will fit perfectly with anything.

Leaking Mixer Tap – Safety Risks

One of the most important things to note when it comes to any kind of leak is the amount of water being wasted. Australia has been facing a major drought for the past few years, so we cannot afford to waste any water let alone clean water. However, if your faucets are leaking, it means all that clean water is just going down the drain. Moreover, a leak in your taps can also cause major property damage as the water can sometimes create mold and mildew in the walls. Damp patches, mold, and mildew can eventually lead to major health problems for you in the long run. Furthermore, with so much water wastage you are also increasing your water bill. A simple leak can cause a number of problems without you even noticing it. So, get our team of licensed professionals to visit your home and get your taps fixed ASAP! Give us a call today!