Leaking Tap

Australia, despite being surrounded by water is a dry country. We cannot afford to waste even the slightest amount of water. However, a simple leak can end up wasting tons of water. Whether it is the bathroom, kitchen or the laundry, a leaking tap can be troublesome. It is best to get rid of a leak as quickly as possible and even though fixing a tap leak is not too difficult, we still suggest to get professional help. Sometimes the cause of the leak can be bigger than an overused O-ring. Pick up the phone and call the experts from 24Hour Melbourne.

Why Is My Water Tap Leaking?

Tap leaks are a very common phenomenon and one of the most common tasks that we face as well. One of the most common reasons for a leak in a tap is faulty installation. Installing a tap may seem like an easy task but if not installed correctly it can create problems later. The faulty installation of an O-ring or the valve seat can cause it to leak. Another reason for a leaking tap handle is the constant friction between the washer and the valve seat.

The regular use of a tap leads to the rubber washer in the tap to wear out which leads to dripping. The tap handle is held in place by a stem screw which has a small disc, called the O-ring, within it. With time and regular use the O-ring can become loose and cause a leakage. The connection between the spout and the tap, called valve seat, can corrode due to the collection of sediment over time and cause a leak. The best way to avoid such troubles is to get your taps installed from a licensed professional. Additionally, get the washer in your taps regularly changed and clean out all the collected sediment from the spout. If you’re still unsure of what to do, call 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers for a thorough inspection.

Fix A Leaking Tap – Professional Plumbers

Are you aware of how much water goes to waste just because of a dripping faucet? It may seem like just a few drops. However, dripping taps is quite a common problem. These few drips can turn into a few litres of water in just a day. Drought is a major issue in our country. The need for water is vital so nobody can afford to waste so much water. 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers, strive to help you stop this water wastage and save the environment. Every drop is important which is why our team works day and night to ensure that not a drop goes to waste. Whether it is a leaking tap or a broken pipe, we are here to solve them. Whatever the time, you can call 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers.

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We are a team of professional, qualified and licensed plumbers with years of experience in the plumbing industry. At 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers, we stick to a strict code of conduct and provide efficient work. In addition, we ensure that are plumbers are constantly under training to keep up with the changing rules. We provide emergency services at any time of the day all over Melbourne. Call us even on public holidays and one of our plumbers will be at the location within an hour. All that is required is for you to give us a call ASAP!