What is roof plumbing?

We all know what plumbing is all about, what is roof plumbing then? It’s a specialized field, with its regulations and areas of expertise. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating existing premises, it’s important to choose the right professional for the task.

Roof plumbing, also known as storm-water plumbing. It involves roof flashing or covering any part of a drainage system that collects or disposes storm-water, or any connection of storm-water pipes to rainwater tanks.

It also involves connection of storm water downpipes to your drainage disposal point. Importantly, all plumbing work associated with roofs, gutters, and down pipes come under roof plumbing. It’s worthy of note that roof plumbing is not the same as the roof covering.

Who is a roof plumber? Never put yourself at risk of injury by climbing up there on your own to have a look – all you need do is contact an expert roof plumber. A roof plumber is a specialist who installs, maintains and repairs flashings, metallic roof, and wall claddings and rainwater products such as gutters and downpipes. Registration is required.

If your roof plumbing is damaged or you’re having an issue with roof leaks, or for your new construction work, you’ll need the services of a roof plumber. That’s what they live for!

The Work of a Roof Plumber

Rainwater installation and maintenance

Installing a rainwater tank is a sustainable plumbing practice that reduces wastage of our precious water resources; here you need to contact a professional roof plumber to get things done to your delight. A roof plumber, depending on your requirement can use harvested rainwater for watering your garden plants or connect to your house plumbing, and you use it for laundry and in toilets for flushing.A roof plumber makes this possible by designing rainwater harvesting system which requires deciding upon suitable tank size, fitting your gutters and downpipes with leaf guards, and adding tank screens and flap valves to keep out insects and provide sufficient vents.

Prepares a new structure plan (plumbing)

It’s the work of roof plumber to develop a project on a new structure or will utilise the current drawings to plan what materials and structures are needed. Expert roof plumbers will always prepare a safety plan, and the work should include scaffolds and elevated work platforms. Safety planning should consist of a risk assessment before a job commences.

Fixing roof leaks

For maintenance or renovation work on roofs, it’s essential to use a qualified roof plumber. Problems with roofs can lead to uncomfortable, costly and even dangerous problems for your home if not repaired correctly and in time.

Roof plumbers are those people who would get the job done for you. Roof plumbing is mostly needed especially if you’re a homeowner. There will come times when you desire someone to go up there and fix the problem. In considering a plumber (roof), also do background checks regarding performance and trustworthiness.