Here at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers, we believe in providing quick and efficient emergency hot water service to all our customers. That’s why we ensure that our plumbers are insured and licensed induvial who are trained in dealing with any sort of plumbing emergency. We make sure that all our vans are equipped with enough spare parts and the best of technology. So, if there is a last-minute issue, our plumber doesn’t have to go back and forth for spare parts, causing you more trouble. No matter if your hot water system is gas, electric, solar powered or a heat pump model, you can trust us. Our plumbers have the knowledge, experience and skills to handle any problem.

Damage Control – Emergency Plumbing Service

Damage Control – Emergency Plumbing Service
Certain plumbing problems just cannot be avoided for another day. Imagine if your hot water system is spewing out hot water from every crevice in the middle of the night. In such a case, it is best to call a professional plumber. Our emergency hot water service is here only to be at your doorstep as fast as possible. We are available and on-call 24 hours of the days, 7 days a week. Even if it is Christmas or Australia Day, our plumbers will come and fix your water heater for you. It is important to note that replacing and installing a hot water system should always be done by a trained and licensed professional. Getting an unlicensed contractor to replace your hot water system is illegal and can harm your products and end up costing you more money

Is Your Water Heater Too Far Gone?

There have been several times when we have reached a customer’s house and realized that the water heater is beyond repair. The first thing we do is tell you to relax and get the work done as quickly as possible. We do have spare parts and even new hot water systems in our vans sometimes to replace your old system with the new. Since, we promise to provide you with the best emergency hot water service we have to make sure that we have every possible equipment with us. Our skilled and experienced hot water system plumbers will replace your old system with the best hot water system that will suit your needs the best. We are all about damage control and quick thinking is one of our strong suits.

Are The Winds Too Strong For Your Water Heaters?

As residents of Melbourne we are aware of how erratic the weather here can be. Sometimes, the winds can be so strong that they end up ripping entire trees from their roots. Said trees can sometimes damage your storage tanks or solar panels that are usually found on your roofs. This leaves you with a house full of cold-water supply. But one call to our emergency hot water service and all your broken panels or storage tanks will be fixed in no time. Moreover, if you already know what the problem is, you can inform us over the phone, and we can come in with a new set of products. We provide same day hot water service for all suburbs in Melbourne, so just give us a call!

Got An Emergency? Call Us Now!

Don’t let your bathroom floor be flooded and then ruin all your walls and ceilings. If you want immediate damage control, call the emergency hot water service to cure all your plumbing troubles. We will repair, replace and even install at a short notice. But we also suggest that you call us in for regular maintenance of your hot water system so that you don’t have to face any sudden emergencies in the future. But if you do face a hot water plumbing emergency, Call Us!