Emergency Electric Hot Water Plumbing

We have been doing electric hot water repair for a long time and are aware of every detail of all brands of electric water heaters; fromBosch toVulcan, we service them all. Our services are the best you will find in Melbourne and that too at affordable rates. We are team of dedicated plumbers who want to take care of all your plumbing issues. If you are looking for a new hot water system to be installed in your home, we will advice on what system will suit you the best. The running cost of an electric hot water system might be more than a solar or gas system, but it is very convenient.

Why Go For An Electric Hot Water System?

It is always a possibility that your home or office space might not have a gas pipe connection. It is always an option to get a gas pipe installation done. However, getting an electric hot water system installed is much more practical. Electric storage tank, electric continuous flow, electric boosted solar and heat pump hot water systems are the choices you will get in the market.

The Electric storage tank system can usually heat and store up to 50 liters of water in one go. The continuous flow system, as the name suggests, is an instant water heater that gives a continuous flow of hot water for some time. The electric boosted solar hot water system works when there is not much sunlight and your solar water heater cannot heat up water. In such a case the electric boosters heat up the water stored in the tank. Heat water pumps are very efficient and help save energy. The system uses something called a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the air and heat up the cold water.

Electric Hot Water Repair Services

No matter what you will always need an electric hot water repair service one day or the other. Water leaking from the top of you water heater or the water remains cold, are very common problems. You should also look out for things such as brown water coming from the taps, rusty water marks on the sides of the water tank. These are signs that there may be a leak in your electric hot water system.

Another important thing to keep in check is the electrical system. Since the water heater works entirely on electricity, we check all the wiring in your as well. If there are any problems with the wiring, then you water heater will not function at all. Our team is trained in electric hot water repair and will do an efficient and quick job. We will be out of your hair in no time. Furthermore, we make sure that all our plumbers are equipped with the right tools and enough spare parts to finish the job there and then..

Contact Our Expert Plumbers Today

Electric hot water repair can be quite tricky and is best handled by the experts. We are highly experienced and trained individuals. Our goal is to provide you with the finest repair and installation services in all of Melbourne. In fact, once we are done with your electric hot water, we will make regular inspections of the system so that it lasts longer. So give us a call whenever you want.