Bathtub remodeling provided by 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers is the best solution when having trouble with your bath or shower.

Your bathtub has a slow drain, mold & mildew with overall discoloration; these are common problems having effects on your bathroom looks and conditions. At 24Hour Plumber Melbourne, we offer solutions to remodel your tubs. Instead of re-glazing, bathtub remodeling is a cost-friendly and more suitable for you.

Replacing old and damaged bathtubs is very expensive, you should consider us to install a non-slippery & scratch resistant liners over your tub. It will sit inside and marry perfectly the existing shape of the tub or shower tray.

We can also replace fittings, taps and fixtures for you to freshen up the looks of your bathroom.

So instead of hiring builders and renovating the whole bathroom, experience 24Hour Melbourne plumbers difference by trusting us and giving us the control of remodelling your bathroom enhancing it for you.

Having A Brand New Looking Bathtub Without Renovating?

We ensure your complete satisfaction over completion. Get the absolute best of your bathroom with a unique, stylish, affordable and functional remodeling. We place our customers first and make the bathtub remodeling experience as positive as possible! For any other issues such as a leaking shower, or a hot water repair in Melbourne, 24Hour Plumbing Services Melbourne will also help!