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Have a plumbing problem needing fixing? Our plumber Dandenong team of knowledgeable experts offer a professional fix. We’re also all fully licensed and insured and guarantee a timely service whenever you need. Leaks and bursts as small as they may seem all need to be attended to. This is to prevent future damage and costly repairs down the road. Our friendly team will service anything and everything from your overflowing toilets to broken pipes. With over 10 years of experience in the area, we’ll promptly get the job done. Meaning you’ll be able to relax knowing you’ll have one less worry.

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Leaky Toilets

We’ve all experienced the pain of a running toilet. Firstly it results in wasted water meaning a higher utility bill. Secondly, you have to deal with the constant irritating sound of running water. Damage to particular toilet parts such as flapper valves can be the main culprit. Prevention is more about regularly checking on the parts. If there is already damage, a plumber Dandenong expert will be able to help and get your toilet fixed! We also repair Leaky toilets in Kew

Water Heater Issues

Issues can occur due to many reasons. For example, leaks and mineral deposits which can reduce the efficiency of the water heater. The average water heater life is around 8-12 years. But maintenance such as regular check-ups can go a long way in increasing this and saving you money. Maintenance can include regularly checking the pressure valve and removing sediment by flushing the tank. Plumber Dandenong can not only help you with these services but also install and replace any new water heaters. Also, we are always available to resolve your hot water issues in Pakenham

Leaky Faucets

High water pressure and deterioration are just some factors leading to leaky faucets. The main issue is the effect on the washer. As it forms the seal on the tap, a simple replacement may stop the leaks. If you have experience with plumbing this may be a DIY job. However, if the job is too large you can give our team a call to sort it out. Moreover, with our tools specific to the job, it will not only be easier but quicker. Once we’ve repaired your leaky faucet, will make sure to clean up all the mess!

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With competitive prices, our team will give you a no-fuss service. We have 24/7 availability for all your plumbing needs. Be it residential or commercial our professional team are always ready to help. We pride ourselves on being punctual and efficiently solving your plumbing issues. If you’re ready for the comfort of getting your issues fixed, speak with our team today!

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