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For more than a decade, the Plumber Balwyn and Plumber Coburg team have attended to Balwyn’s plumbing needs. Whether it be an emergency or general maintenance, we guarantee a quality, professional service that’s not only prompt but also cost-effective. Maybe you’ve leaky faucets or your water heater in Balwyn is making unusual noises. We’re available for a variety of jobs and always make sure you know the exact process and any associated prices. In other words, you can forget fluctuating prices where you’re quoted one number but end up with another that’s completely different. That’s because we value not only a comprehensive fix but one that is transparent, reliable and efficient. From roof plumbing to renovations and everything in between, give our plumber Balwyn team a call today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a complete service.

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Balwyn Experts In Hot Water Fix, Gas Leaks & More

When you live in Balwyn, hot water issues can be a big headache. It’s not just the fact that icy cold showers aren’t at all appealing, but the actual cause could be due to a variety of factors. Moreover, if not attended to immediately, they can cause further issues down the line resulting in wasted time and money. So what exactly are some of the common causes that Plumber Balwyn has come across?

Faulty Thermostat in Balwyn

Your typical hot water system will not have just one thermostat. In most cases, it’ll have two, along with a pair of heating elements. The thermostats work to tell the heating elements exactly when to heat up. You could imagine then, within this cycle, what issues could result due to a defective thermostat. The relaying of information would be impaired which may result in not only cold showers but excessively hot ones as well!

Defective Heating Elements 

Your typical hot water system acts much like a large kettle. How so? Well, the majority of electric hot water systems are insulated, cylindrical tanks. The insulation acts to preserve the heated water. The water is heated by heating elements as previously discussed. If the elements are past their life cycle, worn or defective, then you’ll most likely have hot water issues. More specifically, the function to effectively heat up water within the tank.

Plumbing Major & Minor Issues in Balwyn

The majority of plumbing issues require a professional service. Not just simply to get the job done quickly, but due to regulations that relate to safety and building compliance. However, a simple cause for hot water issues could be down to a tripped circuit breaker. If you have access, you can quickly take a look at your circuit breaker and see if you can switch it back on if it has indeed tripped. If it has, but will not stay on after you flick the switch, your circuitry may require a certified electrician.

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As we’ve seen, hot water issues can be due to a number of reasons. If there’s an electrical fault, this may be something an electrician may need to look into further. But for defective thermostats, heating elements or even leaks, we have a team in Balwyn of licensed and insured plumbers that are ready to get it sorted, quickly and thoroughly. Additionally, if you’ve had your hot water system for a while, it could simply be due to age. Plumber Balwyn and Plumber Dandenong can also help with blocked drains, low water pressure, bathroom remodelling and much more! Give us a call now, to get in contact with one of our friendly local Balwyn experts.

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