A hot water system is a must-have appliance for any living space. As hot water systems come in various sizes, types, and models, it is important to find the perfect choice for your home or office. With an ever-evolving competitive market, every hot water system manufacturer is trying to stand out of its competition – manufacturing latest water systems with extensive features and options. In the end, all features, quality, and durability come down to the price range.

A hot water system’s quality, features, and durability is largely dependent on the price range. With numerous models, brands, hot water system types, and features, it becomes difficult to select the best hot water system that suits your needs.

Can I have a better option in the same price range? Does this hot water system installation cost worth it? Isn’t it a lot cheaper or expensive? You might have asked thee questions multiple times before making the final decision. Concerned about analyzing the pricing factor of hot water systems? Well, follow this post and learn more about how to determine your hot water system installation cost.

Determine Your Hot Water System Installation Cost

Following are some common factors to make sure your hot water system installation cost is correct.

Unit Type & Size Matters

The size and type of any hot water systems greatly affect the price range. Whether you are looking for an electric, solar, gas, or heat pump hot water system, the pricing factor will depend on the size of the unit. Following is a quick comparison of different hot water systems available:

    • Electric storage type hot water system 25L comes at about $900 and 400L at $1400.
    • Gas storage type hot water system 135L comes at about $3000 and 360L at $6000.
    • Solar split hot water system price ranges from $5000 up to $10000.
    • Heat pump hot water system price ranges from $6000 for 160L up to $9000 315L.

    Note that each of the above hot water systems may come in different models or sub-types which may further affect the price ranges.

    Delivery Charges

    After you have selected the right hot water system, you have already covered a majority portion of hot water system installation cost. Make sure not to forget the delivery charges in the installation cost too. Delivery charges straightforwardly depend upon the size of the unit and distance.

    Installation Charges

    Hot water system varies from 12 KG to 150 KG and so does the installation costs. Installation charges sum up to a considerate amount if you are installing a bigger hot water system at your place.

    However, if you come across some additional services like fixing electrical systems, plumbing, drainage system, they can additionally cost up more money.

Final Verdict

Overall, the unit size and type, delivery charges, installation charges, and disposal costs sum up to the correct hot water system installation cost. Being in the plumbing industry for years, we provide the best on-demand quality installation, disposal, maintenance, and emergency plumbing repair services. Contact us to get a free no-obligation quote to get started with the installation process.