Toilet Installation

24Hour Melbourne Plumbers provide you with highly qualified and licensed plumbers and can assist you with any toilet installation. Installing a toilet is not any easy job which is why, it is better to leave it to the professionals. Even if you have a simple plumbing issue, we can handle it, no need to panic. Our plumbers can be at your place in no time to inspect the situation and advice you on how to go about further. We provide complete installation, repair and maintenance service.

The quality of your bathroom is said to have an effect on your home’s overall value. Despite being one of the smaller rooms, it need attention to detail with the fittings, vanities and lighting, tiling, etc., which is why our bathroom renovation Melbourne team is there to solve any plumbing problems you might be facing.

Whether it is luxury, modern, ensuite, laundry or toilet renovation, our team renovates anything and everything. We are ready to face any challenge you or your bathrooms might throw at us!

We Install Toilet Cistern As Well

We know that sometimes changing the entire toilet is not the most favourable option. This is the reason why we offer to change just the cistern if you require us to do so. A faulty cistern installation can result into a continuous flow of water that ends up wasting a lot of water. So, just call us if you are facing such problems and we will replace the entire cistern for you. However, we usually do suggest that if you need a cistern change might as well change the entire toilet but that is your choice.

Our expert renovators will identify any and every problem before the work even begins. We are a well established company for bathroom renovation Melbourne. So, whether it’s a large or a small space, we have got you covered. Our highly skilled experts are here to deliver the finest services and create your dream bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Plumbing Issues With Your Toilet?

We are a team of highly qualified plumbers who can install as well as repair any plumbing issues in your toilet. While we will help you in installing a toilet, our team will also make sure that all the pipes and taps are working. We inspect the entire toilet area for any leaks or breaks. If we do discover any plumbing issues, you can rest assured it immediately be fixed. Our vans are equipped with enough material to fix up any last-minute problems in your toilet.

A toilet installation service from us will leave your toilet looking clean and beautiful. You will not have to face any problems with your toilet for a very long time. Moreover, if you want the complete piping system in your toilet to be changed, we will do that too. Along with only cistern or bowl replacement, we replace any old taps or pipes as well. We make sure that after we are done installing your toilet you won’t have to do any cleaning and not worry about anything.

Affordable Toilet Installation Cost

A lot of people think that toilet installation is very expensive. It is not so, especially if you make use of our advice. Our team of professionals will provide you with advice on which toilet is the best for your needs and install a toilet at affordable rates. With our rates you don’t just get installation but a thorough inspection of the entire plumbing system of your toilet as well.

The cost of buying a high-end toilet model might be quite a bit, which is why we make sure that your toilet installation service doesn’t create a hole in your wallet. We will look into the plumbing and electrical wiring for these types of toilets available in the market. In addition, if your already existing toilet is creating trouble or is blocked, we will unblock it for you.

Call Us Any Time, Any Where!

A toilet installation service does not take too much time but is a dirty job. We can install a toilet in the least amount of time possible and can reach in any corner of Melbourne. Just tell us if you want an installation, repair or a just want us to inspect your toilet, call us.