Toilet Cistern Replacement

It should come as no surprise that as toilets get older they break down. Cisterns start leaking, bases crack and seals break down, causing major problems. If you’ve got a leaking toilet cistern, leaving it unfixed can cost you a lot of money later down the track in repairs. It can add hundreds to your water bill, even more if the water leaks through your home an causes damage to your property. Don’t leave your toilet repairs too late! Call the team at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers today for toilet cistern replacement. As expert licensed plumbers, we have the skills and experience to replace your leaking cistern and keep it working properly for years to come. With a 24 hour emergency plumbing hotline, our team can be there within an hour of your call to get your toilet repaired fast.

My Toilet Cistern Is Leaking, What Do I Do?

If your toilet cistern is leaking, you will need to look into repairs, and if you can’t repair it, completely replacing your cistern. While you can do this yourself, the best way to fix your toilet is to get a licensed plumber to take care of it. This way you know you’re getting a proper installation and you won’t have to worry about your toilet breaking again for a long time. At 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers we offer a service guarantee on all our jobs, as well as full insurance. If we don’t complete a job to a high standard, we’ll return and fix it free of charge, giving you complete peace of mind. Put your trust in our team to give you a professional toilet cistern replacement service.

Choosing A Replacement Toilet Cistern

Getting a replacement of the toilet cistern isn’t difficult as long as you know what you’re doing. If you know what make and model of toilet you have you can source the proper parts from any local supplier. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind however. Toilet cisterns are more advanced than ever before, with water saving technology, additional features and hygiene focused designs. There are almost unlimited designs and types to choose from, so making sure you choose the one that fits your needs is essential. Choose a traditional cistern for an easy to use and maintain solution, or go for something a bit more interesting with a hidden or wall mounted cistern. If you’re thinking about replacing your cistern with a different type, it’s recommended that you get a professional plumber to take care of the piping and ensure everything is installed correctly.

Professional Cistern Repair And Replacement

At 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers we pride ourselves on providing excellent service for every one of our customers, no matter how big or small the job. Whether you’ve got a leaking toilet cistern or you need a complete toilet cistern replacement, our team will be there to help any time. With 24 hour emergency service and fast response times we can be there in the event of an emergency to help you keep leaks and breaks under control. If you’ve got a plumbing problem, give our team a call today.