Shower Tap Replacement

Does your shower tap keep getting stuck? Most of the time such a problem arises due to dirt or rusting and in this case, you require a shower tap replacement service. Replacing bathroom taps is not an easy task and should not be carried out if not under professional supervision. Our team at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers are experts at tap fittings and changing bathroom taps. We are aware of all the latest rules and regulations of the industry and keep ourselves updated with any new developments. Our plumbers are constantly training so that they can provide you with the best service possible.

Replace Shower Taps

Shower tap replacement is a very common job for us. The taps in our home or office space usually trap the most amount of dirt. Especially, if you are dealing with hard water, it can clog your taps. Many a times the dirt and deposits from hard water get stuck on the tap spindle. This in turn make sit hard to turn the knob of the tap.

It is also common for leaking shower taps to attract termites. This turns a simple leakage problem from bad to worse. The moisture created by a leaking shower tap can create the perfect nesting environment for termites. It doesn’t take them to much time to spread around the house. Getting rid of termites with the help of pest controllers is very expensive. We always believe in taking preventive measures and get that leak fixed before it turns into an unwanted infestation.

A shower tap replacement will not just ensure the cleaning out of your taps, but if you’re looking to change the look of your taps this is your chance. We have had customers asking for brass fittings, antique taps and a lot more. An interesting bathroom fitting can change the look of the entire room. Changing bathroom taps may not seem the most aesthetically pleasing look but it can at least change the look of your entire bathroom.

Home Water Filters include bottles with integrated filters, to the benchtop jug or a fitting that clamps onto the tap. We also install under sink water filters which ensures that your taps or kitchen water taps are pouring out filtered odourless water.

Changing Bathroom Taps

Changing bathroom taps can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom. Very often we get requests from our customers to match their bathroom taps with the aesthetic beauty of the entire house. It may seem strange but there is so much you can do with a small thing such as taps. Have you ever dealt with that annoying tap that would not stop leaking? Yes, haven’t we all. But we assure you, once we are done replacing bathroom taps in your home, there will be no leaks anymore.

If you have just moved into a new house and still have to get your bathroom fittings done, call us. Our professional team will provide you with advice on what kind of taps to chose from. Brass, copper, antique or ceramic, our team is experienced in dealing all sorts of material. We assure you that once we are done with your bathroom tap or shower tap replacement, you will not have any leaks whatsoever. Another thing we make sure of is that you don’t have to face any troubles while we carry on the task. You can just sit back and relax, enjoy a drink while replace shower taps.

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