Some roof leaks are very easy to spot. However, some are not that easily visible and need to be looked into. A roof leak detection Melbourne service is what you need. Our plumbers have the skills and expertise to point out the smallest of leaks. We inspect your roof outside and inside the house looking for an indication of any kind of leak. Once the source of the leak has been found, we will repair it. 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers has a team of dedicated workers who strive to provide complete customer satisfaction. We also provide roof replacement services to get rid of any of those worn-out tiles or metal sheets. Our plumbers can handle all your roof problems as well as repair gutter blockages. Call us today!

What To Do If You Detect A Leak?

Roof leaks can be annoying. Nobody wants the inside of their homes drenched because of a leaky roof. Moreover, a leak can take months to become a bigger, more visible problem or sometimes your roof just springs a leak out of nowhere. In such a case, there are certain things you should do.


Control the damage- constant exposure to water can easily ruin your furniture or carpet or anything else that would end up getting wet due to a leak. Cover everything up with some plastic, so that you don’t have to worry about your furniture along with your roof.


Stop the water flow- try the classic bucket technique. Simply place a bucket under the leak to make sure the water doesn’t splatter everywhere.


Get rid of the wetness- while it can be life-giving, water can also cause an immense amount of damage to your property. Dry everything that has been exposed to water, from your furniture to your carpets. The dampness in itself can damage these materials and lead to health problems for you too.


Roof leak detection- call our licensed roof plumbers for a leak detection service for your roof anywhere in Melbourne. There is a possibility that inside your house the roof might be leaking at a certain spot whereas the source of the leak is in a completely different spot.

Roofing Services – Licensed Roof Plumbers

Our services include repairs and replacement of different types of roofs. We provide metal roofing that includes repairs and replacement of rusted and corroded metal sheets; this also includes Color Bond, Kllip Lock, downpipes and valley replacements. Re-tiling of all damaged and old tiles is also one of the services we provide. With our services, your roof will end up looking brand new. Incorrect installation of your roof can lead to leaks and possibly even a rattling roof. We can handle all your roof troubles.

Blocked gutters, collected water in your chimney, roof underlays that are damaged, and roof panes that might not be sealed correctly, are some of the reasons that lead to a leak. A roof leak detection service will ensure that the root of the problem is found and your roof is repaired accordingly.

Roof & Gutter Experts

24Hour Melbourne Plumbers are a team of licensed plumbers who have been in the business for over a decade. We are aware of all the Australian Standard rules and regulations, and also possess a strict work ethic. So, whether it is a roof leak detection Melbourne service or a gutter leak repair, our team of highly qualified plumbers can handle the pressure. If you are unsure whether your roof is leaking or not, don’t worry just give us a call!

Contact Us For Any Plumbing Emergency

Instead of ignoring a small scale plumbing problem in your office space, call a professional. Call our team of professional commercial plumber. We provide the finest commercial plumbing in Melbourne, complete with a beaming smile. So whether it is a leaking faucet or a hitch in your industrial grade boilers, we will install or repair and maintain all your plumbing equipment and try to make your workspace a problem-free area.