Shower Installation

A bathroom renovation requires a lot of installations, from tiles to new sinks, lighting and shower installation. The numerous shower options available in the market can easily get very confusing. However, we can help you select the shower that you always dreamed of. We can even install the shower for you to enjoy. Our team will ensure that your shower works perfectly and lasts for long without needing any repairs. A faulty installation can lead to a number of problems later, instead of getting repairs done later, just get it done right the first time around. The team at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers will install your shower without any fuss. Get guaranteed professional plumbing services with just one call.

Different Types Of Shower Installation

Selecting the right kind of shower for your home has become a lot more complicated than before. There are so many different options available in the market that sometimes even we get confused about which shower is the best one. However, the type of shower you want depends on certain factors such as the type of hot water system you have, or the pipe connection you have and more. Here is a list of different types of showers available:-



It should not come as a surprise that these showers use electricity. But they use electricity to heat up the water from the main water supply line. So, you can get a constant flow of hot water with this. However, these showers can be bulky and consume a fair amount of energy.



These showers can supply both cold and hot water but are dependent on a hot water system. They do not heat up the water on their own.



if you are looking to take a comfortable shower and save water at the same time this is the best option. Eco showers can limit the flow of water-reducing at least 50% of water usage through normal showers.



These are the uber-cool showers that you can operate with a click of a button or through voice control. The temperature and the flow of water, everything can be controlled through a unit that has to be in a 10-metre radius of the shower.

Whether you want to go basic with a mixer or digital shower installation, we can do it all. The regular maintenance of these systems is what will ensure their longevity. If you face any problems with these showers after installation, you can call us for repairs and replacements as well.

The 24hour Impact

If you have had enough of inexperienced plumbers performing inefficient jobs, call us today. All the members at 24Hour Abbotsford Plumbers Abbotsford are completely certified and licensed. Our workers make sure their work is of the supreme quality and nothing less. All the workers at 24Hour Plumber Abbotsford have systematic training and carry valid insurance with WWCC cards.

All of our trucks are fitted with GPS tracking so we will send you the truck closest to your location in an hour of your call. You will know what you’re paying for before you get anything done as we have transparent pricing. Plumber Abbotsford provides plumbing service for 24 hours all days of the week, 365 days a year.

You no longer have to wait around for your plumbers to arrive. Call us today and let us show you our talents!

What Shower Head Do I Need?

Just like there are different types of showers to choose from, you can also select the kind of shower head you require. A shower head makes all the difference when it comes to a hot shower, and choosing the right one is vital. You can go for a normal fixed shower head which is mounted on the wall. A handheld shower is also a very popular option especially for bathrooms that also have a bathtub installed in them. A ceiling mounted shower head is the one that gives you the feeling of standing in rain. Finally, the fanciest one you can go for is the combination which is a collection of a few showerheads placed in different areas in the shower. The installation of these showers may take some time but it is not too difficult a task for us.

Call The Experts For Shower Installation!

24Hour Melbourne Plumbers have been in the business for several years now and have enough experience in installing all sorts of appliances and plumbing systems. We have a very strict code of conduct and strive to provide the finest plumbing services to all our customers. Whether it is shower installation, hot water system repairs or leak detection, we can do it all quickly and efficiently. Give our team of experts a call today and get your shower installed today!