Leaking Showers Repairs

The sound of constant dripping from your bathroom can be very irritating. It is a clear indication that you need immediate leaking shower repairs. Moreover, a leaking shower can lead to major wastage of water. Another disadvantage of a leak is that the bathroom never remains dry. It may not seem like such a big issue, but it can turn into a bigger problem in the future. If the leak in your showers is due to a break or crack in the pipe, water can end up seeping into the walls. This can lead to those unattractive patches on the walls/ceilings and eventually create mold that can lead to several health problems. The best way to avoid such problems, is to get it checked at the earliest. Whether it is a small leak or a burst pipe, our team of professional plumbers will fix it.

Efficient Leaking Shower Repairs In Melbourne

The team at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers consists of highly qualified licensed professionals. We have the skills to tackle any leaks or bursts. The smallest need to be fixed as quickly as possible to avoid any further problems. Our team works to provide every customer with the best leaking shower repairs. From pipe relining to installing completely new pipes, we will do anything to fix the problem causing you discomfort. Our repair services also include re-grouting the shower to avoid any growth of mold, replacing any old silicone with new ones for cleanliness and we also provide with complete bathroom installation services.

We provide the best leak detection services which includes looking into all the pipes that maybe connected to the shower. A thorough inspection of all the pipes allows us to draw conclusions as to which pipe is leaking and which one is prone to leak any time soon. We also do a thorough de-grouting of the perimeters of the shower, de-grouting wall to wall joints, floor joints and step joints. Repairing the membrane of the floor is important to ensure that water does not seep through the joints. In order to avoid the water from the shower area to leak into the walls, these procedures are necessary. Whether it is the shower taps or the shower itself, we can fix it and make it look like new.

Look Out For These Indications

There are several reasons for a leaking shower to look out for. These indications, if caught early a shower leak repair can help you avoid a number of problems that can arise with prolonged leaks. The most obvious and visible indications are water dripping from your showers and damp patches on you walls and ceiling. Often in carpeted homes, the water tends to settle below the carpet and starts smelling. Another indication to look out for is sound. A constant hollow sound from your pipes can be caused by leaks in the pipes. If you feel like any of these problems have arisen in your homes, it is about you called us. Additionally, it is important to note that if a leak is overlooked, it can lead to major structural damage costing you thousands. Our team of professional plumbers has over a decade of experience in the plumbing industry and fixing leaks is one of the most common tasks we face.

Leaking Shower Head

A constant dripping from the back of your shower head or a leaking shower head can be quite unpleasant. You end up wasting an immense amount of water in a day’s time. So, getting a leaking shower head fixed right away is your best option. If a leak is left unattended for long it can lead to major damage to your walls and cielings. The property damage in itself can be quite expensive for you, but the water wastage will sky-rocket your water bills as well.

The best way to combat a leak in your shower head is to make use of your kitchen. Hard water deposits can sometimes restrict the spray of water and cause it to leak from the sides. Soaking the shower head in white vinegar will easily clear it out. Worn out washers and O-rings, and defective cartridges in the valve body are parts that should ideally be replaced if damaged. Moreover, it is important that all the repairs and replacement is done by a licensed professional. So, get in touch with our expert plumbers today and get that leak fixed right away!

Licensed Plumbers For Leaking Showers

Talk to our experts for any leaks you may have in your homes. If you discover a damp patch right under your showering area, you know the shower pipes are leaking and you are in need of leak detection and re-grouting service. Just get in touch with our team of professional plumbers.