It’s important to have a plan in place in the event of a gas leak. Who to call and what to do should be written down somewhere accessible, so if you smell gas you don’t panic and know exactly how to handle the situation.
If you can know there is a gas leak, either on the street or in your home the best thing you can do is your local gas plumber. Following this, you should:
– Turn of the gas at the meter or at its source
– Turn off all appliances that could create a spark or a flame
– Contact a licensed, professional gas plumber or gas fitter
– If it’s safe to enter your home, open the windows and doors to clear the air

How To Prevent Gas Leaks And Stay Safe Around Gas

The best thing you can do to prevent gas leaks is to have a licensed plumber inspect and service all your gas appliances, your gas meter and pressure regulators annually. This will help to identify and fix potential problems early, keeping you and your family safe. There are also a number of ways you can test appliances yourself. If your gas stove or heater is producing a yellow or red flame, it needs repairs immediately.

Gas Bottle Barbeques

It’s important to be safe when using gas burner barbeques. If you haven’t used your gas BBQ in a long time, you need to make sure there isn’t a gas leak. You can do this by pouring a bit of soapy water on the connections and valves. If it bubbles, there is a gas leak and your gas bottle should be disconnected and returned to the supplier ASAP.

Professional Gas Leak Plumbers

If you have a gas leak, 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers are the ones to call. With more than a decade of gas fitting experience we’ve seen the best and worst of gas leaks and can help you get yours under control fast. With fast 24/7 emergency service you can call us at any time and a licensed gas fitter will be on your doorstep within the hour. Call us today for fast emergency gas plumbing service.