We provide gas oven repair all over Melbourne and all our plumbers are certified gasfitters, hence qualified for the job. Our plumbers work with all brands of gas ovens and can fix any of them in no time. A gas oven not working is very inconvenient when it comes to cooking but it is also very dangerous. Any appliance that runs on gas is dangerous by default. Even the smallest leak in the gas pipeline can cause major damage to your property and harm you and the people around you. If you can smell even a bit of gas in your home, we suggest turn off the main supply and immediately get on the phone with our experts. The team at 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers ensures that our technicians can reach your location within an hour, just give us a call on our professional team.

What To Do When You Smell Gas?

There are a number of red flags that you need to look out for with your gas appliances. However, the most important thing is smell. Gas is odourless by nature which is why the particular smell you associate with gas is added to it. This smell allows you to detect even the slightest amount of leak in your home. In such a case, the first thing you need to do is turn off the main supply pipe. Secondly, open all doors and windows since it is important to rid your home of all any gas. Opening the windows and doors will simply clear out any gas present in the atmosphere. This simply reduces the risk of any mishaps because even the smallest spark, whether it’s a lighter or small short circuit, can cause major destruction.

As far as your gas oven is concerned, always look out for small indications that tell if your oven is working right or not. Always the check the clock on your oven, if it’s not working your oven will not work either. Delayed ignition, overheating and uneven heating are very common problems that can be easily detected in your oven. If any of these problems are discovered, it is best to contact our team for gas oven repair service.

Carbon Monoxide Testing – Gas Oven

There are several problems that can arise in your oven. The most common ones can be parts of the oven that are worn out such as the grills, fans, shelves, door hinges, door glass, etc. Additionally, carbon monoxide leaks can be much worse. This is an odourless and colourless gas that can cause harm to your health and in some cases may even cause death. According to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), carbon monoxide testing for your gas appliances should be done every 24 months. This is absolutely necessary to ensure that your gas appliances are working fine and that you and your family don’t face any dangers.

In addition, if we do detect a CO leak, our plumbers will follow the standard regulation set by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). We are a team of professional plumber gasfitters and are qualified to handle any gas appliance. All our technicians are certified and work under strict rules to ensure everyone’s safety. So, if you need a CO testing or a gas oven repair service, call us now.

Repair & Maintenance Of Your Gas Oven

24Hour Melbourne Plumbers provide repairs, installation and maintenance services for not just your gas oven but all your gas appliance. We are very particular when it comes to installation. Our team will do a detailed inspection of all your existing gas appliances and pipelines as well. Once it is determined that everything is working perfectly and there is no possible faults detected, we will install your appliance without any fuss. We have vans that are equipped with all the necessary tools and spare parts which ensure we are ready for any last minute tasks. The goal is to provide quality service to all our customers. Furthermore, we also provide emergency plumbing services all over Melbourne and are available to you even on public holidays. So, get in touch with our team at any time of the day.