Most Australian homes have a gas oven or stove, and is more often than not used quite frequently. All that wear and tear can lead to some damages. At 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers you can get gas stove repair and maintenance service. It is best not to delay any damages to your gas appliances, it can be harmful in the long run or even dangerous. Moreover, a flickering flame or knobs that don’t work right, can be very frustrating. This is the reason why getting it repaired ASAP is always better. Whether it is a suburban home or a professional kitchen, our plumbers will fix in your cooktops in no time.

Why Get A Gas Stove?

This is a very common question we are asked from time to time, especially since there are so many different options like electric and induction stoves available. Gas stoves can be quite convenient for you can easily control the temperature. You can control the fame and the distribution of heat, also the heat can immediately be cut off unlike an electric stove-top. It is considered a more sustainable option compared to electric ones because it creates instant heat. The gas stoves available in the market now have electric ignition which reduces the use of gas by approx. 40%. Initially, buying a gas stove can be a bit expensive compared to an electric stove. However, in the long run it will save a lot more money for you. Furthermore, most people find gas stove-tops more convenient and familiar to work with.

Stove Repairs – Licensed Gasfitter

A gas stove repair needs to be done by a licensed and certified gasfitter. Our team consist of qualified professionals who are equipped to handle any gas related problems. Gas leaks are not the only problems that you may be facing with your stoves. Here are problems you need to look out for in your gas stove-

  • Loose ignition knobs
  • Flickering flame
  • Flame changes colour
  • Reduced flame.

These problems including a gas leak should always be immediately fixed. Gas leaks too cannot always be detected which can be very dangerous. Reduction in the flame or flickering can be an indication of a gas leak. Even if it is not a gas leak, it is better to be safe than sorry. Call the experts to get our appliance checked and be sure whether it is a leak or not. Another thing to remember is to call a professional licensed plumber gasfitter. You risk damaging your appliance’s warranty if you get it fixed by an unlicensed person.
We also provide gas installation service, whether it is a stove, oven or a gas hot water system, we will install it for you. Our team will look into all the gas pipelines before any installation takes place. We also provide a carbon monoxide testing which is an essential step for any gas appliance within your home. According to the authorities, your gas appliances should get a CO testing done every 24 months

Expert Gas Plumbers

Whenever you are dealing with gas, ALWAYS call a licensed professional. We can’t stress this enough. Gas is a very dangerous element and getting any gas work done by an unlicensed person can cost you your life. Our gas stove repair Melbourne service will include a CO testing if your appliance hasn’t been tested in the last two years. We are available at your service throughout the day and night. 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers are working round-the-clock to get your plumbing and gas fitting issues resolved, even on public holidays.