Even though the water coming from your taps is quite healthy, it may in some cases, be the cause of certain health problems. This usually happens due to an allergic reaction to certain or sometimes people can be sensitive to certain smells. Often, people can also be sensitive to the taste of the water. An under sink water filter installation will ensure that the water you get in your homes is rid of all pollutants and chemicals. Water filters will keep any type of pollutant at bay and keep the water pristine. Instead of suffering on a daily basis because of the water you drink, call our team!

What Are You Drinking In Your Water?

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has laid down certain standards that all water authorities have to stick to. All additive to the drinking water running through the pipes in all of Australia are carefully regulated. The two chemicals added to your regular drinking water is Chlorine and Flouride. These chemicals are purely added to the water for medical reasons.Chlorine is a disinfectant that kills microorganisms and prevents their re-growth. Flouride, on the other hand, is added to maintain the oral healthcare. Along with these additive, calcium carbonate and magnesium can be found in water. If the quantity of these two chemical components is more concentrated, the water is deemed as hard water. The best way to avoid the consumption of hard water is  to get a home water filter.

Water Filter Installation – Under Your Sinks

An under sink water filter installation will ensure that you get filtered water every time you open the tap. The water running through the main pipelines in Australia have some amount of chlorine and fluoride added to it. Although these chemicals aren’t exactly harmful for you, sometimes the taste and smell can be slightly unpleasant for some people. Moreover, there is a possibility that you might be allergic to these chemicals. So, if that is the case, getting a water filter installed is the best solution.

An installation service from us will include a complete inspection of your plumbing system. Our team of licensed plumbers will ensure that your plumbing systems are perfect working condition. This is done to ensure there aren’t any leaks or breaks in the pipes or appliances. If there are any breaks or blockages in your sink pipes can lead to dirt and debris getting stuck in the water filter; this can lead to the filter breaking down. Our inspection ensures that your water filter will remain intact for as long as possible. Just call us to get an under sink or benchtop water filter installed.

Professional Plumbers For Water Filters

At 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers, we believe in providing the finest plumbing services to all our customers in Melbourne. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced plumbers who have a strict code of conduct and stick to all the standard regulations of the industry. Additionally, we make sure that all our vans are equipped with all the required tools and spare parts. This keeps us prepared for any last minute mishaps. Call our team for an under sink water filter installation service today.