Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain 

Our expert blocked drain plumber is available at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days. We will reach any corner of Melbourne at any time of the day. We even work on public holidays because we know a blockage emergency can turn up at any time of the day. So, if you have a clogged drain, our plumbers can clear them out for you. We are always equipped with high end technology and enough tools to get the job done as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a shower, toilet or blocked sewer drain, our team of licensed plumbers will unblock it.

Blocked Drain Clearing Technology

A blocked drain may not seem like much of a problem until it starts causing harm to your home or office space. Moldy walls and ceiling, damp patches or weird noises from the pipes become a common phenomenon with clogged drains Melbourne. Our team of licensed plumbers use modern up-to-date technology to find the root of the problems.


Hydro Jetter- We have portable and cart jetters that are great to clear out a blockage that is underground. They quickly clear out things such as ice, grease and tough roots. They are very powerful and clear out a blocks in a matter of minutes.


Electric Eel Machine- It has a mechanical cutting head which is fed through the drain, slicing any tree roots and other solid objects it comes up against. This is another excellent way to root out anything that is causing a blocked drain Melbourne.


CCTV Sewage Inspection– This is a drain camera that allows the plumber to actually see the cause of the problem. The camera is inserted inside the sewer drain and you can see a live feed of what that is cause the blockage.

It is very important to keep a check of the things that go down the toilet drain. Since, these are the items end up becoming the cause for that blockage. However, our team of professional plumbers can unblock any type of blockages.

What Causes Your Drains To Block?

First of all, a clogged drain can lead to blockages in your entire property’s plumbing system. The taps, shower taps, and sinks will all either have lesser water pressure or no water coming out at all. One of the main reasons for blocks is dirt that gets caught or stuck in the drain which then causes the blockage. Throwing the wrong things down your toilet drain can cause a huge amount of unwanted problems along with blocked drains Melbourne. Food waste too can sometimes get stuck in the drain.

Many a times, mineral deposits can create enough debris to stop the water in your drain from flowing smoothly. Hence, getting your drains checked regularly should also be a priority for you. Our professional plumbers can ensure that your drains don’t get any blockages and that the plumbing of your home is running smoothly.

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Call Us Today To Unblock Those Drains!

Whether it is a blocked drain, toilet or shower, we will un-block as quickly as possible. The idea of having no water or extremely less water trickling out of the taps is very inconvenient. So, don’t think twice, juts call 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers for the most efficient drain cleaning service.