Evaporative cooling Melbourne is one of the most reasonable and energy efficient cooling systems in the market. Our team of licensed plumbers are here to fix your heating and cooling systems and ensure that you and your family remain cool this summer. Have a cool summer with evaporative cooling Melbourne and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Moreover, the evaporative cooling system is beneficial for your wallet as well. So, you save the environment as well as some money.

How Does The Evaporative Cooling Work?

It is a ducted system that is connected to different rooms in your home through ducts connecting throughout your house. The warm wind from outside goes into the ducts, cools down and eventually reaches you rooms as cool air. The advantage of putting such a system in a place like Melbourne is the breeze. The weather here is usually quite windy, so even if it is hot winds blowing outside, you will be as cool as a daisy inside your homes.

The hotter it is outside the better it is inside the house. The hot winds pass through the filter pads which cools the air down. Another advantage of using the evaporative cooling system is that you and your family do not intake artificial air from an air conditioner. The air that you breathe because of this system is completely natural.

Evaporative Cooling Installation

24Hour Melbourne Plumbers will also install a brand-new evaporative cooling system for your homes. Our team will reach any corner of Melbourne at any time. We are trained in dealing with cooling systems from different brands. We always recommend our customers to install a new evaporative cooling system because of the various health benefits and cost benefits. With this system you will be saving on electricity bills and improving the health of your family.

Innovative Cooling Solutions

We are a team of highly trained plumbers and have several years of experience in the plumbing industry. Our team of experts will easily do any evaporative cooling repairs Melbourne.

Evaporative cooling systems are relatively easier to handle. However, it requires regular maintenance work. If there is any repair work required, then it is always better to call a professional who knows what they are doing.

Stay Cool In The Summer. Call Us!

Isn’t it wonderful that you can get a cooling system that saves money, has good health benefits and also does not impact the environment? It sounds too good to be true, but evaporative cooling Melbourne is exactly that. Also, if you already have an evaporative cooling system that needs some love and care, well then simply give us a ring.

We believe in doing a quick and clean job. Your comfort is our priority and we ensure that our team is always well equipped and gets the work done fast. So, give your evaporative cooling system some love and give us a call!