Washing Machine Hose Burst

Is your washing machine hose burst? It is quite easy to find out whether the hose in you washing machines is burst or not. The most common indicator is the unnecessary flooding of your washing machine. This is a very common problem in every household. However, fixing a burst pipe is a task that is best left for the professionals. At 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers, we have a team of experienced plumbers who deal with problems like such on a daily basis. So, if your laundry day is ruined by overflowing water, it is best to call our team.

Is It A Broken Pipe Or A Burst Hose?

Whenever we see any type of flooding anywhere within the home, it is assumed that it’s a broken pipe. However, when it comes to a washing machine, a burst water pipe is a more likely cause. Therefore, we always tell our customers to keep checking the hose to avoid a washing machine burst hose. Sometimes, you may notice that the water pressure inside the machine has reduced, that may be caused due to a burst water main. More importantly, a busted hose doesn’t just cause flooding, it can eventually lead to major water damage to your walls and ceiling which can lead to structural damage of your home.

Another thing to note is the amount water being wasted. Usually the pressure within a washing machine hose is quite high. So, water gushing out at a very high pressure will result in way more water just flooding the area and eventually going to waste

Washing Machine Hose Fail – Get The Experts!

A burst hose, as we have mentioned before, are a very common phenomenon. The traditional rubber hose can deteriorate very quickly and loose their flexibility. The loss of flexibility makes them prone to cracks or breaks. Even if it is not a rubber hose it will eventually fail due to daily usage. The constant water pressure can cause the hose to burst. Moreover, the shock from the water pressure itself can sometimes cause the hose to burst.

You cannot reduce the water pressure in your washing machine for that pressure is needed for the machine to function properly. The deterioration of a hose is unavoidable, but you can get it fixed or maintained regularly. If you have failed to determine whether your washing machine hose is on the verge of a burst or not, just get in touch with our plumbers. Our team of licensed plumbers will come in for an inspection and determine if the hose needs to be changed.

Professional Plumbers At Your Service 24/7

The first thing to do when you discover a washing machine hose burst is to close the main water supply. The next step is to give our team a call whether it’s at 3 am or 3pm. Our emergency plumber services will ensure that one of our plumbers reaches your location within an hour. However, we do suggest for the future to keep a check on your washing machine’s hose. Look out for cracks, blisters and discolouration of the hose caused by leaks. The moisture from the leaks can lead to rusting, which is a clear indication for you to get that hose changed immediately. But, if the situation seems out of your control just call 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers today.